Gettin' your Om on and the benefits of Yin Yoga.

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There are soooo many variations of yoga.  We have the Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtaga, Bikirm, the list goes on, to the obscure for example anyone of Yoga raves??  Harmonica Yoga, Karaoke Yoga, Laughing Yoga, which sounds amazing to me!!( find more unconventional Yoga here)   

and then there is Yin Yoga, the softer Om Shanti of yoga...


A slower style that includes many meditative poses, promoting mental and physical awareness.  Calming, lowers stress and increases stamina are just a few benefits of Yin yoga.

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Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues and the fascia that covers the body. This type of yoga helps regulate the flow of energy in the body, lubricating the joints and helping flexibility.


 A great practice for coping with stress, getting a deeper relaxation and it helps you to sit for meditations.


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In Yin, you relax in the posture, softening the muscles that can be held from 2-5 mins to  up to 20 mins for advanced yogis, it's a more meditative approach and in return you ultimately learn to accept what is.  

 To learn more about Yin yoga and the difference and benefits check out:



If you are interested in taking a Yin Yoga class join us on June 18th, for our Sip & Dip Event, Yoga by the pool. (click this pink link) 

Tickets include 60 min Yin yoga in a lush tropical garden, organic gourmet yummy nibbles and refreshments, shop a local yogi inspired line with a 10% discount and receive a free hand screened tote!  

Finish your morning practice with a champagne cocktail and cooling dip in a salt water pool.  Please RSVP by Thursday June 16th by 5 pm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the garden! 

Peace and Love,

Beebs XO

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