Happy Cinco De Mayo but lets just talk about the Margaritas!

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 Welcome to my first Blog ever!  I am by no means a writer but I do know a thing or to about tequila and my love of it!  So with that let's celebrate it and Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.

Although Cinco de Mayo isn't celebrated in Mexico it doesn't take much for me to eat tacos and drink tequila. I have always loved tequila and fresh margaritas, which is surprisingly tough to find here in South Florida of all places.  Although the cocktail scene is getting much better these days with fresh juices and better tequila, you'll still find the sad over sweet, over sour pre-mixed Margs at most bars and don't get me started on the frozen margarita machines!!  

I get super pumped when I see fresh and spicy margarita on a menu but i mostly experiment at home when we have parties.  Dabbling with infusing my tequila with hot peppers for a kick, pineapples and mangos from our garden and using fresh key limes, blood oranges, fresh watermelon juice and fresh grapefruit for the classic Paloma, the possibilities are endless,  next on my list to try Cucumber Mint margaritas!  

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 Now if you nauseas just thinking about tequila because of runs in with ole Jo Cuervo, it's time to give it another go.  There are so many yummy fresh clean tequila's out there that won't leave you with a terrible hangover (unless you are drinking gallons, which something I do but I still don't feel that bad the next day)  

 Learn more about how tequila is made and the process check out  http://www.popsugar.com/food/How-Choose-Good-Tequila-19541513

If you don't know much bout tequila, just look for anything that 100% blue agave that's pretty much it! I'm always trying new ones so just keep trying till you find the one you love!

(Photo: CRT archives, taken by Carlos Tomas)

Silver is good in Margs, I love sipping on Reposado on ice or a yummy Anejo straight up! it's great buzz and just clean!


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8 oz. of tequila

6 large grapefruit, to equal 3 cups of fresh grapefruit juice and for garnish, you can stain if you don't like the pulp

8 oz. of jalapeño agave syrup* (recipe below)

9 lime, Juice of 8 limes (adjust to liking) 1 lime for garnish

1/2 cup of sparkling grapefruit soda or regular soda water (Trader Joes sells a yummy one not too sweet, Villa Italia)

*Mezcal to taste

photo credit: www.cocktailsandbars.com


Each glass, 1 jalapeño slice, slice of grapefruit and kosher salt to rim. Run a lime wedge across the top of your glass and dip it into the kosher salt.

Mix and pour over ice!  Add a splash of mezcal* for an added deliciousness and smoky flavor!!

Jalapeno Agave Syrup:


3 jalapeño peppers, Habaneros fro more of kick, serranos (which ever you like or try 1 of each)

1 cup agave syrup

1 cup water

– Prep the peppers by removing the stems, slicing into rounds, and then removing the seeds and membrane. I like to leave the seeds and membrane intact for more spice.

*more about my new favorite spirit, Mezcal in the next blog.  

photo credit Food52

photo credit  Food52.com

 Combine  syrup and water and jalapeños in a non reactive saucepan over medium heat and stir until well dissolved. Remove from heat, let cool to room temperature and transfer to a clean glass jar.  The longer the peppers marinate the spicier it gets you can strain peppers after you've reached the heat you like.

Store your jalapeño syrup in a container in the refrigerator for up to a month.

photo credit Sugarandcloth.com

 Please share your favorite Margarita drinks or any cocktail with Tequila! 


Beebs XOX

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